FM as a Career of Choice - The IFMA Foundation's Global Workforce Initiative

What is FM - Introduction to FM videos from around the world.

IFMA and the IFMA Foundation are currently developing videos specifically targeted to students and other constituencies to introduce the FM profession in a quick, engaging video.

In the meantime, here of some of what the IFMA Foundation believes are the best FM videos on YouTube.

IFMA Foundation Videos from World Workplace 2016, San Diego, CA

From the opening to closing sessions, the IFMA Foundation was featured throughout the conference.  Here are highlights from the week.

 IFMA Foundation Celebration: FM Student Scholarship Winner Testimonials

Watch:  Andrew Peterson

Watch:  Steve Weeks

Opening General Session Keynote Panel

Watch:  Carolyn McGary's FM Story

Closing Keynote Luncheon

Watch:  Foundation Chair Kent Miller, FMP presents the 2016 Foundation Trustees Awards

What is FM and FM Profession Introduction videos from YouTube

  • What does it take to be a Facility Manager? Jim from Gillette Stadium answers a few questions.

  • FM is Everywhere - FMNetherlands

  • Facilities management - changing how people and buildings work

  • Facilities Management - Pratt Institute

  • Facilities Management at Temple University

  • The Facilities Manager Handbook

  • Careers in Facilities Management - A world of choice and opportunity

  • Education to Employment: Designing a system that works

  • FM and Student Mentorship




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