IFMA Employee Assistance Fund (EAF)

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a huge outpouring of support was expressed by the IFMA membership worldwide.  Members, chapters, councils, staff and partner organizations all wanted to do something to help staff that may have been impacted by the storm.  A number of IFMA employees suffered significant damage and some had to flee their homes.  Others lost cars or don't have the insurance necessary, especially in light of the unprecedented flooding.

In response to the requests to help, the IFMA Foundation Executive Committee, Foundation staff, and Association Chair Bill O’Neill met to quickly to provide a mechanism for staff assistance - a new Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) housed within the IFMA Foundation.    

This new Fund:

  • will be used to help IFMA employees suffering hardship due to natural or other 'qualified disasters'. 
  • will stay in place to serve future needs that might arise.
  • began fundraising immediately with a donation form on the Foundation's website and final details about the fund released on 9 September 2017. 
  • is structured so that donations are tax deductible for US residents and organizations, and grants to impacted staff are not considered taxable income.
  • is operated with a five-person independent grant committee to determine disbursements to employees in need. 
  • complies with IRS rules including those that require the grant committee members are independent in that they are not in a position to exercise substantial influence over the employer’s affairs to ensure that any benefit to the employer is incidental.
  • The initial members of the grant committee are:  

      -  Jerry Hinchman – Indianapolis, IN
      -  Barry Brantley – New Orleans, LA 
      -  Allana Helland – San Francisco, CA
      -  John Carey – Houston, TX
      -  Jennifer Corbett-Shramo – Orange Co., CA

Download complete guidelines and application here.

To make a contribution to the fund via credit card click here.

To contribute via check, please make the check payable to

IFMA Foundation
ATTN:  Employee Assistance Fund
800 Gessner, Suite 900
Houston, TX  77024

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