FM Degree Program Accreditation Information for Institutions

Academic Institution (College and University) Benefits

Academic institutions that provide FM accreditation demonstrate they are committed to maintaining their FM program, the program’s quality and periodically updating the FM program to meet the changing FM needs.  The results provides lasting benefits to the students, the institution, employers and the professional industry.

Those academic Institutions that are FMAC Accredited recognize the following:

  1. Potential FM students are requesting information regarding “Accredited” degree programs;
  2. Savvy employers are looking for students that have more qualities and amenities with their degrees   Accreditation is very favorable;
  3. Students that graduate from an ADP feel they have learned at a more rigorous level than their non-accredited counterparts;
  4. ADP institutions are able to advertise and market their programs within the IFMA network and other FM associations and have an instant network of professionals;
  5. The IFMA Global connection of 25,000 members allows institutions to market their FM programs (seeking students, potential internships and jobs) in a much wider region;
  6. Students from Global locations are seeking FM education and are willing to travel to obtain a good education and career advancement;
  7. Global organizations are seeking students that are willing to work in a global environment;
  8. IFMA professional members are very interested in ADP institutions, students and FM programs.  Institutions have connected with experts in the FM field through the ADP process;
  9. Currently, the FMAC has 30 ADP programs and looks to double this number in the next 3 to 4 years.  There is a growing global interest and desire from higher level academic institutions to become accredited.
For complete and detailed information on the FM ADP Standard and the FMAC, visit the Accreditation Section of our website.

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