A&R Track Call for Papers

IFMA Foundation: Academic & Research Track

The WWP Europe 2017 AR Track Call For Papers in Stockholm is now available.

The WWP Houston 2017 AR Track Call For Papers in Houston is now available.


Academic and Research Presentations at World Workplace 2017
Houston, Texas, USA
October 18-20, 2017

The Academic & Research track is a “double blind” peer review initiative that runs within a separate venue at the World Workplace event to allow Academics and Researchers the opportunity to present and discuss Facility Management, the Built Environment and related topics in order to gain expanded understanding of the research priorities and methods employed. All abstracts and full papers are double blind peer reviewed by a panel of highly qualified Academics / Researchers with expertise in topic areas, meaning that authors and reviewers are not identified. This is standard review methodology to preclude bias, as well as provide feedback to researchers to help improve the final papers. Accepted papers will be published in the IFMA Academic & Research Track Proceedings Journal.

The track is open to all academics and researchers in the Facility Management, Built Environment and related field of study. All abstracts and final papers must be written in English.


Advancement of research in facility management is the focus of the Academic & Research track. Papers may include but not limited to the following range of issues:

  • Ph.D. projects
  • FM research methods
  • Scientific approaches to FM research
  • Multi- and inter-disciplinary aspects of FM research
  • Taxonomy of knowledge in FM
  • Innovative FM processes
  • Sector differences in FM (i.e., Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Retail, etc.)
  • Technologies’ impacts and future FM practice

Topic Areas of Interest:  IFMA 11 FM Core Competencies:

  1. Leadership and Strategy;
  2. Operations and Maintenance;
  3. Project Management;
  4. Communication;
  5. Finance and Business;
  6. Human Factors;
  7. Quality;
  8. Real Estate and Property Management;
  9. Technology;
  10. Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity;
  11. Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

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