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IFMA and the IFMA Foundation are announcing the IFMA Facility Management Graduate (FMG) Designation and Digital Badge. ​ Click here



IFMA Foundation introduces facility management training framework

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IFMA Foundation Announces the IFMA Facility Management Graduate (FMG) Designation and Digital Badge.

Houston, Texas, USA - (April 30, 2019) - The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Foundation is announcing the IFMA Facility Management Graduate (FMG) Designation and digital Badge. "The new IFMA Foundation FMG designation gives graduates of FM Accredited Degree Programs in good standing a special recognition for their completion of a post-secondary program in facility management" said Graham Tier, IFMA Global Chair. Read more about the announcement by clicking PRESS.

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The Facility Management Program Registry is an IFMA Foundation website designed to recognize all facility management (FM), built environment (BE) and related discipline (RD) degreed and certificate programs worldwide.



Violence in the Workplace -

The role of the Facility Manager

In light of recent tragedies around the world, the IFMA Foundation is making our Violence in the Workplace - The Role of the Facility Manager publication available for free download. 

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